My Dads Office

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Saintjol - 1141 days ago
Yeah sure was a cute guy love to see so much more of him
smitten4twinks - 1231 days ago
Such a hot young stud! Too bad he didn't slow down a bit so we could see more of that sweet meat he was pounding... He could load me up any time!
donstrom - 1260 days ago
Loved to just watch his face as I stroke him cum after cum.
Scottbill - 1261 days ago
your a hot guy , great body and impressive cock . shame we didn't see your load , maybe your a bit scared to get that sticky spunk on dads chair
Carlstrik3 - 1261 days ago
Up periscope!! Your secret is safe with me. I only hope your Dad hasn't got cctv in his office!
carpntr48 - 1261 days ago
Awesome video, you have an amazing body, very handsome cock too.
kuken - 1261 days ago
This young guy is so cute and his equipment is something to be proud about! Too bad he is out of focus ever so often, and I would have loved to see him shoot! Also would have loved to see him show his ass!
vandick - 1262 days ago
yes i agree bet hes so proud to have such a good looking handsome son with a whooper for a dick like you have hope he dont make you show it off to the rest of your family but i expect they all know you got a big un and your so cute
donkeyboijizz58 - 1262 days ago
Big cock and great body, dude! Your Dad would be so proud!

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