Super Soakers #285

1766 days ago, 9527 views
Tags: jack, jerk, wank, paw, toss
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alpha932 - 1714 days ago
Top of my favourites list !!!!!!!!
aslimversgwm - 1765 days ago
I used to be able to do that - if I kept from wanking for 2 or 3 days at least! It needs a lot of concentration and will power! Great stuff - very sexy to watch. You are fantastic young man!
skibuggie - 1765 days ago
I am in awe!! You are truely special in many ways...wonderful physique, great big package, amazing self control, and an amazing power have it all congrats!!
Tylersonly - 1765 days ago
Wow that`s cool I`ve never been able to do that , but if I had a boby that as nice as yours maybe I could watch myself in a mirror and get that turned on. I could see you standing over me your hands on your waist squirting me in the face. Man that`s so cool.
Scott88 - 1765 days ago
Fantastic!! Remind me if I ever see your cock jumping around all by itself like that, to STAND BACK because it might start FIRING ITS CUM ALL OVER ME!
I've never been able to have a totally hands-free orgasm like that. As a kid I was so sensitive it was easy to cum quickly, but never hands-free.
Scottbill - 1765 days ago
Now that is pretty special . Its like watching a cobra perform for a snake charmer . a no hands orgasm and huge squirting load very nice indeed

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