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carpntr48 - 1243 days ago
Awesome video you guy looked hot, you done a great job jackin each other off.
bisexy19 - 1354 days ago
i love how he used his friends cum for lube.
garrosh - 1673 days ago
want to join them
J20Qsack - 1703 days ago
:D amazing
sirsuckalot - 1711 days ago
Love It!
ausmax - 1751 days ago
mutual masturbation is so hot esp when u can tell they're really into each others cocks
BombItUp76 - 1783 days ago
Both of these guys are models/actors for BoyFunk dot com....I've seen them on there for a couple years now. The guy on the left with the white hat is Elijah Evans. Not sure what the other guy's name is, but he's definitely on the site too. They are BOTH so damn hot! Elijah's cock is just awesome! YUM!
shart - 1785 days ago
so very hot 2 cute guys with great cocks
socuteprince - 1787 days ago
wow ! ultra hot ! so innocent lookin :) great! hope u got more :P :P :P ???
Olddude - 1787 days ago
very hot young men.....would love to get them both off too

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