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skibuggie - 1909 days ago
My very fave video on this are so awesome & have so many fantastic qualities...great looks, very buff physique so well toned...very well endowed..big and strong, luv the three balls so cool... and you seem so awesome...10 stars if I could...all the best be so proud to strut your stuff you deserve too!
kuken - 1929 days ago
Great vid! Fucking awesome dude with great cock and THREE balls at that! Would have loved to see your webcam wank buddy! Hope you are recovered from that blasted cold, it affects oneĀ“s sperm production in a negative way!
Buttlick1 - 1933 days ago
i have a friend who has three nuts really fun to suck them
leeraymond - 1933 days ago
wow i luv blond lads. i luv ur long hanging bollocks i cud suk both of them in my mouth at once and suk them hard and tug on them in my mouth u u have an amazing cock that i wud suk hard deep and tight and a cute arse to finger in
whynot22 - 1933 days ago
OMG! this guy is so fucking hot. Amazing vid!!! Would love to "have" him.
j3rk1ng - 1934 days ago
never heard of 3 balls. neat ;)
phoenixfire - 1935 days ago
fucking awesome dude
Olddude - 1935 days ago
great boy with hair in all the right places....want to eat that ass, suck them balls...all 3 and enjoy his hot penis for hours
thongtris - 1936 days ago
how old is this guy he looks young
greeny50 - 1936 days ago
if you could give more than 5 stars i would great vid dood & yes it wasnt just good for me it was great

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