niñato comiendo el rabo a su amigo!!

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flamita2 - 1950 days ago
Man, what a COCK, wish it was me sucking that HUGE COCK. mmmmmm I'd like that cock dry.
chazzimmer - 2160 days ago
this is obviously a professional porn vid...and they are told to "show the cock and not hide it completly in your mouth", that proly why this guy rubs it on his face so much! They are both very cute guys and I enjoy watching them, its good jack off material. Even tho I do prefer to watch a guy do a home vid on cam and moan when he cums, its more "natural" and real.
creamonme2 - 2168 days ago
So rubbing your face on a guys dick doesn't do much, do not look to this video for direction on how to give a blow job. The cock needs to be in your mouth, more preferably all the way to the base.
bidude26 - 2169 days ago
Damn... the dude getting sucked... is one hell of a dream guy for me... I wish I get a boyfriend that goodlooking.... ^^
top4dudes - 2173 days ago
the guy gives head like a girl. I give him a 1. the guy getting licked I give him a 5 and the music and phony monons a -3.
So_Scott19 - 2188 days ago
Suck, damn it, "blow" is just an expression...!!
HORNY73 - 2190 days ago
Johnpojo - 2191 days ago
the kid getting the tunge job is short changed, his amigo is not interested, give me that opportunity....5 ***** for the hunk, 1 * for his amigo
dyonis - 2191 days ago
hot would love to give him a blow job too!!
Wiseyngman - 2192 days ago
Why the music... DUH; it's a pro vid someone copied and posted here!

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