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Grulich - 2216 days ago
Nice to see you
WD40 - 2220 days ago
Beautiful subject, but clip resembled a trial run not intended for publishing. Amongst all those knobs near the camera that you endlessly kept reaching for and twiddling, couldn't you find one labelled "LESS PURPLE"? LOL\nAnd that cute joy stick you kept jerking around, it obviously wasn't connected up. All that manipulation brought no response.\nNext time. look into the camera and wink and I'll know you're thinking of ME!!\nCan someone tell him what he needs to do to reduce that alien martian coloration??\nTwiddle the focus a bit too, if you are going to sit back from the desk. \nBut an excellent first attempt, nonetheless. \n\n
llinge - 2233 days ago
i actually think as it has happened to me that this lad has been tricked by what they call themselves a professional model photographer and what they do is they ask to see parts of your body and then film it whilst you are doing it. they then ask you to wank off to see how you look when your horny and shizzle :/ but he is still hot (Y)
donstrom - 2233 days ago
cute nice body nice cock = YUMMY!
Scottbill - 2233 days ago
wow the intensity of this hot young guy as he stares into the cam whilst jerking his big cock is fantastic . Hopefully on his next show he will cum and perhaps even add some sound . Now that will be worth watching
Roger4 - 2234 days ago
Great to see an uncircumcised penis on here.
sexbuddy - 2234 days ago
sweet boy! oh my!
Cobo50 - 2234 days ago
wow - this is the kind of boy you fall in love with and take home to meet the family - and with an uncut cock as a bonus - im having wet dreams tonight.
Rollermen - 2234 days ago
You are very hot and cute, but cum next time.

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