Now THATS tiny!

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lol53 - 1811 days ago
awwww bless you, would love to have seen it hard tho ;)
glen104 - 2140 days ago
........BUT very lovely! Thanks for sharing him :-)
Littlewilly - 2219 days ago
So what you have a little un I have to mate hence my name Littlewilly and I am on the large side fat boy join the club I would give it a suck, anyway I like little ones they dont hurt as much.
Ricky58 - 2517 days ago
Hey, size doesn't always matter it's how you use it that can make up for that also the rest of the package is beautiful.
Stonebow - 2684 days ago
There is nothing wrong with your dick, i'd give it a good work out for you anytime and make it stand to attention!!!
cesar11 - 2872 days ago
it`s ok !
Ahrrrrr - 3096 days ago
more than a mouthfull is a waste!
Justt13 - 3174 days ago
Dude you look just fine to me. Would love to see it hard.

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